Welcome to the Blog!

Hello, Ski Cooper enthusiasts!  This new blog will be authored by Dan Torsell, President and General Manager of Ski Cooper.  He will keep you up to date on the various events and happenings around Ski Cooper.  Check back soon for his first post!

Without further ado, I introduce you to Mr. President, Dan Torsell, Commander in Chief of Ski Cooper, and 35+ year veteran of the ski resort industry:

dan torsell ski cooper president
Dan Torsell, Ski Cooper President / General Manager

2 comments on “Welcome to the Blog!

  • Brad Everson

    Good luck to the man with the most important job in the world! Now, about that web cam…

    • patrick

      Working on getting some web cams, but our current internet service at the mountain is not robust enough for that sort of bandwidth. We’re looking at options for improved bandwidth, but it’s not just a simple upgrade in such a remote location. Nonetheless, it’s in the works.


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