-Passing the Torch(es) at Ski Cooper

As time moves on in this world, it is normal for faces to change.  However, in contrast to the seemingly constant turnover in today’s hectic age, it seems as though faces rarely change in the Ski Cooper Family – something that I believe has set Ski Cooper apart from most other Ski Resorts.  However, due to retirements and a very sad and tragic event, 2013 is proving to be somewhat of an exception to this, as three of Ski Cooper’s long-standing figures will not be with us for the upcoming ski season.

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Franci Peterson, our Ski School Director who has been with Ski Cooper for the past 39 seasons has decided upon retiring, giving her the opportunity to spend more time with her husband Carl, enjoying the sport they love so much and have both given so much to.  Franci’s warm smile and her caring style will be greatly missed by all, but most likely she will still be seen carving flawless turns on the slopes of Ski Cooper, perhaps even teaching a private lesson or two!

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Grant Bellm, our Mountain Maintenance Manager for the past 13 years, has also elected to retire and is planning on moving to the warmer climate of Canon City with his wife Margaret.  Grant has been the “behind-the scenes”, “go-to” guy when things happen at the Mountain, and he will also be sorely missed.

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While we are happy for Franci and Grant as they move forward, we are saddened by the tragic loss of John Gordon, easily one of Ski Cooper’s most recognizable figures.  John had been involved with the Ski School for many years and had always played a big part in all 10th Mountain Division events held at the mountain.  With his trademark cowboy hat, John was an icon, bigger than life, and he embodied the true spirit of Ski Cooper.  John met his untimely death in a motorcycle accident earlier in the summer.  John will never be forgotten here at Ski Cooper.

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So expect to see some new faces at Ski Cooper this Ski Season – not “replacing” these three (as that would be unrealistic), but succeeding them!

Only 79 days until opening day!

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I’ll post an update on our remodeling projects next week with some photos of our progress.