Early Opening Notes

We’re so excited for our early opening on 11/27! The mountain is looking great, and we’re all ready to get out on our boards and have some fun!

With that in mind, here are a few important notes to help you enjoy our early opening:

Operating Schedule: OPEN 11/27,28,29 | CLOSED MIDWEEK | OPEN 12/5,6 | CLOSED MIDWEEK | OPEN daily 12/12 through 4/10/16. Also:

1) Due to construction and maintenance, the Children’s Center will not be open the weekends of 11/27,28,29 and 12/5,6. We will be unable to offer Panda Patrol Programs or Daycare during these early opening weekends. We will, however, be offering 2 hour kids’ lessons at 10am and 1pm in lieu of the Panda programs. Please call 719-486-2277 for more information. Normal Panda and Children’s Center operations will be ready to go by our original scheduled opening date of 12/12.

2) We will still be working on wrapping up our other off-season projects, including the Katie’s Deck expansion, so please bear with us. All of these projects will be completed by our original scheduled opening date of 12/12.

3) Just a reminder: the mountain is in great shape, but there are still plenty of “early season conditions” to be found, including (but not limited to) thin cover, rocks, stumps, and other obstacles. Please ski with caution.

4) Keep snow dancing! It’s going to be an epic season, and we’re excited to share it with you!

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes THIS WEEKEND!