Cooper Newsletter, 10/2/15

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Cooper News
2 Oct 2015

Happy October, Cooper Family!

The air is getting crisp, and the forecasts are starting to show snowflakes. That means winter and ski season are approaching quickly!

Now, I’m about to break three cardinal rules in the world of marketing and business: (1) I’m going to act directly as a spokesman for our resort instead of flooding you with shiny ads; (2) I’m going to write in a very informal style instead of weighing you down with rhetoric; (3) I’m going to give you my direct contact information. I know, I know… pretty crazy. But here at Cooper, we’re different in a lot of ways. One of those ways is that we really think it’s important to apply a more personal touch to everything that we do, including our interactions with you, our family. So here I am, just writing a little note to bring you all up to date on the latest and greatest at Cooper. This is a bit of a longer note, since there’s lots to tell. A quick scan through the boldtype will give you an overview of the topics.

We just wrapped up our Season Pass Sale, which ended October 1st. The results were quite strong, and we were excited to see so many returning guests, and quite a few Cooper first-timers! And remember, while the sale pricing has ended, you can still buy passes online, and they’re still affordable, even at full-price. Of course,lift tickets are also available for purchase online at discounted prices. A lot of folks have also asked about the 4-day XP Pass. We’ll be making an announcement about that by the end of the month, so keep an eye out for another newsletter.

We’ve restarted our blog. Stay up to date with news from our GM, plus get some behind-the-scenes views. Check it out at Also, in order to bring you even farther into our family, we’ve started an interview series, “Meet the Cooper Family,” where you get to know all of us on the “inside” who make Cooper go. See episode one, which features our President/GM, at

We just installed a second webcam. This one is up at the top of the mountain, looking down toward Trails End and Homestake. It’s a beautiful view, and will let you see real-time conditions. We’ll be setting up a snowstake cam shortly as well, so you can actually see how much snow we’re getting. We’ve had a base area cam up for a while now. Check them all out at

We’ve added a new guest-friendly feature to the website recently: you can now purchase most Ski & Ride School classes and programs online. This makes it even easier for you, plus you get 10% off group lessons if you reserve online! See more at

Speaking of the Ski & Ride School, have you checked out our Grizzly Adventure Teams? We have both a Development Team, and a Competitive Team. The Grizzly Adventure program is for 7-14 year olds, and is designed to develop well-rounded, all-mountain athletes. Skiers/riders in this program get to explore all the disciplines, including racing, powder, trees, bumps, and cross. That gives them a distinct advantage: rather than just learning and drilling one discipline, they become proficient all over the mountain! Check it out at and call 800-707-6114 to reserve soon, since the price goes up on 11/1.

Our team is working on a few infrastructure upgrades as we speak. Our Katie O’Rourke’s Irish Pub Expansion is underway. A new door will lead from the pub out to the deck, where windscreening panels and umbrella heaters will allow you to comfortably enjoy a drink and a bite under Colorado’s bluebird skies! We’re also remodeling our lodge restrooms. I think you’ll agree that this has been needed for a while. Clean and comfortable restrooms always make the experience a little better. Meanwhile, our Ski & Ride School Director, Bill McGinty (who also happens to be quite the carpenter), is building custom tables and benches for the main level of the base lodge. They are made of beetlekill Pine, which has beautiful blue veins and coloring from the activity of the pine beetles. This will allow more people to fit more comfortably in the main cafeteria, and will give the lodge an even nicer, rustic look/feel. Also under construction is a new race start building at the top of Piney. This new building will allow a new flow for slalom races and training which will allow us to keep the skiers’ left side of Piney open to public, even during events. That way, everyone gets to enjoy one of our steepest trails at the same time! We’ll send out some photos of these projects with the next newsletter.

Our annual Job Fair will be Saturday, October 24th from 9am-noon. We’ll be interviewing for most departments, including lift ops, food & beverage, race crew, ski & ride school, ski patrol, and more! We currently have a few key positions posted on our website, including Guest Services Rep, Events Coordinator, Groomer, Patrol Operations Assistant, Patrollers, Snowboard Supervisor/Trainer/Freestyle Programs Coach, and ski/snowboard Instructors. Check them out and apply at

For anyone in the local area, mark your calendars: we’ll be hosting our annual Community Gathering at the base lodge from 1-3pm on Saturday, October 24th. Chairman of the Board John Clapper and President/GM Dan Torsell will make presentations, and refreshments will be provided. It’s always a great opportunity to get up-to-date on the “state of Cooper” and to enjoy a bit of socializing.

And finally, as promised, my direct email address is I welcome your correspondence if you ever have any questions or concerns. We’re committed to making Cooper the best it can be by providing the most authentic, laid-back, affordable, and family-friendly ski resort with the best service in the business. That’s what I’m here for, so feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your passion for winter sports, and for your continued support of Cooper. Can’t wait to see you up on the slopes! THINK SNOW! Oh, and look below for a link to our Video Contest. You could win $50 of Cooper Cash to be used at any of our points of sale!

All my best,

Patrick Torsell

Director of Marketing & Sales
Cooper | Chicago Ridge