A Big End-Of-Season Shout-Out to the Cooper Staff Family

Everyone loves the great snow at Cooper, the uncrowded slopes, the amazing prices, the oldschool vibe. But if there’s one thing that truly sets Cooper apart from all of the other areas, it’s our Staff Family. These people make Cooper what it is, and they all deserve a huge thanks and congratulations for a remarkable 2015-16 ski season! So I thought I’d take a moment to mention a few things, and share a few fun photos of our Cooper Family from this season. This is really directed at them, as a thank you, but all of our guests should take a minute to read, learn, and appreciate even more all of the wonderful people (many of whom are behind the scenes) who make Cooper the special place we all love.

So a big thanks to:

  • The guys in the parking lot (who deal with everything from the friendliest smiling guests, to the some very “unpleasant” attitudes) who squeezed more cars than ever into the upper lot, allowing our guests to park (for FREE!) as close as possible to the base lodge
  • The Facilities crew who shoveled out the base area, spread sand so we could all keep our footing, cleaned up all of our messes in the buildings, and made all of the behind-the-scenes repairs and maintenance to keep our facilities operating smoothly
  • The Food Service team who kept us fed, and brought a smile to our faces in the lodge, kept us relaxed in Katie’s at the end of some long days, and offered us some delectable meals out on the deck with burgers and Katie’s Cheesesteaks
  • The amazing Ski & Ride School for introducing so many people of all ages to the joys of winter sports, and for keeping up our sharp look on the hill, and for jumping in to help out in the rental shop, in the plaza, or anywhere needed
  • The Rental Crew, who pushed out more gear this season than ever before, and kept the guests happy even on busy days, and moved bodies through the shop more efficiently than ever keeping lines to a minimum
  • The Retail Shop ladies, who, as always, provided the most friendly and personal service you’ll find at a Colorado ski resort
  • The Lift Ops crew who worked day-in and day-out to keep us moving uphill, keeping those ramps and mazes in great shape, and being such a fun and engaging group for both our staff and our guests, whether on the hill, or after work at Katie’s!
  • The Ski Patrol, who worked with a smaller crew and a lot of new faces this year, and did a remarkable job keeping the hill in great shape, and taking care of injuries and illnesses, including saving the life of a cardiac patient on New Year’s Eve
  • The Ticket Office ladies, who arguably have the most stressful and difficult job of all on busy days, with phones ringing off the hook for which they act as “call center,” all the while they fulfill not just lift tickets, but ski/ride lessons, Chicago Ridge, and heaven-only-knows-what-else
  • The Chicago Ridge team, who kept tours running every possible opportunity, who skillfully managed their terrain, cross-sold other Cooper products, and left cat skiers with treasured memories and ear-to-ear grins
  • The Race Crew, who do some of the most physically demanding work on the mountain, not just for regular races, but also for our new Boardercross operations, putting up B-Net, rope, signs, doing course work, etc., and they jumped right in to take on a new challenge this season by pulling off an amazing first mogul competition
  • The groomers, who work while you sleep, providing that royal corduroy carpet we all love so much, keeping our snow surface in great shape, and consistently delivering the best snow in Colorado
  • Our vehicle mechanics, who spend their days in the shop turning wrench, listening to us whine about the silliest little problems with our vehicles, troubleshooting mystery problems, and keeping the snowmos, cats, heavy equipment, and road vehicles in great shape
  • The Guest Services, Events, and Volunteer crew who provided smiling, personal service to our guests, helped execute some great events, kept Katie’s jamming with live music, and made the Boardercross season such a success
  • Dan, our President and GM who provides wisdom and leadership from his 40 years of ski industry experience, and who enables all of the Cooper Team to provide that unique Cooper experience
  • The entire management and supervisory team, who give the crew direction and hold it all together, even in the toughest moments, including:
    • Tim, VP Mt Ops
    • Jon, Mt. Mgr
    • Karen, Dir. Base Services
    • Scott, Dir. F&B
    • Christa, F&B Asst. Mgr
    • Sean, Pub Mgr
    • Bill, Dir. Ski & Ride School
    • Joe, Telemark Programs Dir.
    • Maggie, Children’s Center Mgr
    • Rich, SnowboardPrograms Dir.
    • Kim, Accounting Mgr
    • Tony, Risk and HR Mgr
    • Joe, Facilities Mgr
    • Scott, Patrol Director
    • Ken, Asst. Patrol Director
    • John, Rental Shop Mgr
    • Chris, Rental Shop Supervisor
    • Cheryl, Retail Shop Mgr
    • Lynette, Retail Shop Supervisor
    • Craig, Chicago Ridge Director
    • Trent, Lift Ops Supervisor
    • Pete & Ethan, Lift Ops Asst. Supervisors
    • Scott, Events & Guest Services Coordinator
    • Jeff, Race Director
    • Jay, King of the Maintenance Shop


Thank you again to all of you. You did a wonderful job this season, and the happy guests and excellent numbers prove it. Let’s do it again next season!

~Patrick, Dir. Marketing & Sales

Please enjoy the following photos of the Cooper Family having entirely too much fun at work (hover mouse over photos for captions):